Get in touch with me for everything you’d like to ask or know!

Drawing & Painting

This is what i have been doing since I was young and I still enjoy doing it!

Eye for details

For me a detailed look is the last step for the best custom sneakers.

Magic Touch

No matter the design, I know how to give some extra sauce.

Customer Satisfaction

The most important thing for me is that YOU are happy with my custom made sneakers!


I started Lil Custom because I always have been searching for shoes that not everyone has and are not too expensive in price. But the problem was that the only sneakers no one had always cost the most.

Because I used to draw a lot and I really liked this and I still like it a lot, I decided to merge drawing with the sneakers. I started drawing on an old pair of Stan Smiths of mine with a normal marker.

I once wore these customs to a club in my area and when I was there I received many compliments about my sneakers. Many people started asking if I was able to do it for them aswell.

This was the point where I started doing a lot of research into the products that I would need and the quality thereof. I did this for over two months because of course not everyone is going to tell what their secrets are and what materials they use. After I have failed many times by using the wrong quality, I started making progress and found out what materials were waterproof etc. Since I found the good materials i started selling the shoes, I only started selling later on because I wanted to make sure that the quality is at its best.

Lil Custom actually blew up because I met Afrobros on my vacation in Albufeira. I just went to them and told them what I did and what I wanted to achieve. To be honest, I had no experience at all and I immediately had to make the shoes that can be seen on the image. A difficult start but I found it very challenging to do because I immediately threw myself in the deep and I like to do this!

Since that day I have always been busy with how I can customize shoes in a way that is not done much and that is really special.

Now many custom sneakers later, we grew so big that I had to make this website for you guys!

Thank you all for the love and the support! <3

Liters paint
Working Hours
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